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Here are some examples of The Gimp's Scrupt-Fu-based Logo generation output.

Some of them are meant to go on a black background and some on a white.

These here have been flattened (to make them one layer) and then stored as a portable network graphics file. On many of them, you can change the background and the fact that you can manipulate the original layers means that you can modify them in any way you like - one thing you can do, for example, is to remove the background layer and make the image transparent or you can replace it with any of your own.

Here they are...

Frosty, like a number of these scripts, used the current gradient in earlier versions of The GIMP but as some options come, others go. The Frosty shots below are from The GIMP v1.0

This means that you can change it to whatever you want.

Also, note that the starbursts in this image are different to those in the image above. If you don't like the starbursts in a particular rendering, you can just have another go.

Below is a full sample of SOTA Chrome at half size

Below is the full-sized sample of SOTA Chrome from the above image

Same image, different backgrounds. Note that this might not appear correctly in some older versions of Internet Explorer (because they don't handle transparency correctly) but if you are using the logo to go into another image, then there is no problem with older Microsoft web browsers