Acceptable Use Policy

This site, like any other, has limited resources and, under normal use, the resources cope well with the load put on the server.

However, there are some people who want, for their own purposes, to take over the resources that are available on this server. I, and any other users would like to enjoy the contents of this server without such abuse.

Accessing this site means that you accept the acceptable use policy conditions on this page wholly. It also means that if you contravene any of the conditions below, aimed particulartly at, although not limited to, using false referers, the acceptable use policy on this site overrides in all respects any acceptable use policy, or policy or conditions with a similar purpose, or any terms or conditions, on any part of any site that is refered to in the referer sent to this site. By giving a false referer, you award me the right to investigate any such site according to these acceptable rules, regardless of how they might contravene any similar set of rules, terms, conditions or policy on any refered site. If you do not have the right or authorisation to award or assign such rights, you may be commiting a criminal offense. In additon, you also award me the right to investigate the IP addresses associated with this abuse. If I am not satisfied with any outcome, this will end up on the Idiots page.

Acceptable use includes:

  • looking at any of the pages as any normal, casual user would
  • looking at the hamstercam for a while (from a few minutes to several hours)

Use that is not acceptible is included here, although not limited to:

  • requesting the same page repeatedly (except for the hamstercam within limits)
  • using a script or any other means to load pages resulting in the denial of this server's service to other users
  • using the content of this site, directly or indirectly, for non-personal purposes
  • using a script or any other means to load pages using a referer (site that you last visited that links to this site) that does not have a link to this site
  • using the content of this site contrary to copyright
  • trying to hack into the server using various methods
  • using any email addresses for any mass mailing (spam)
  • using proxy servers to obscure your real IP address (proxies that domestic user's ISPs use are okay - it is the intent to obscure that is not permitted under this policy)
  • anything else I don't like about something that some users get up to.