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204 [D] HelpDesk Extra
   Image Processing
    Edge Detect
205 [D] HelpDesk
    Deleting data securely
    Virus Hoaxes
    Getting programs to run in DOS under WinXP
  HelpDesk Extra
    Setting up a Local Area Network
    Win98 Identifying your machine
    And on Win XP
    Proxy Server
    Setting up Browsers to use a Proxy Server
    Having two NICs
    Other Operating systems - GNU/Linux
    Turning off the tap
206 [D] HelpDesk
    Making a signature Font - Softy Font Editor
    Unwanted Dual Boot on XP - the cure
207 [D] HelpDesk
    Using a low-cost latbop webcam for close-ups
    Setting up a printer server on a network
  HelpDesk Extra
    Image processing with The GIMP
    General - Windows
    Tool Options
     Fuzzy Select example
     Blend Tool example
208 [D] HelpDesk
    Curing psychedelic greys
  HelpDesk Extra
    ICE Windows Manager
    Title Bar
     default.theme file
    Making your own
     Design the Active first
     Then the Inactive
     Chopping it up
     Destributing it (creating .tar.gz files)
209 [D] HelpDesk
    Wandering gamma (up and down LCD displays)
    Stopping pop-ups
    IE on Windows
      Konqueror on GNU/Linux
  HelpDesk Extra
    IceWM - extra windows themes to issue 208
      HDXDemoCentre HDXDemoLeft - demonstrating the identities of the border elements
      HelpDesk1 - the wax in the glass tube border theme
      HelpDesk2 and HelpDesk3
      CircuitBoard and CircuitBoardB
210 [D] HelpDesk
    Securing your computer
    Password attacks
  HelpDesk Extra
      Simplified and OSI stack
      Packet structure
      Dual- and tri-homed firewalls
      Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
      Network Topologies - Dangerous' and 'Safer'
211 [D] HelpDesk
    LAN IP Addresses
    Make your own EICAR anti-virus test file
  HelpDesk Extra
    OpenOffice.org' Draw
      Starting OpenOffice.org office programs
      Toolbars and Tools
      3D Effects
      Transparency v Gradients
212 [D] HelpDesk
    Windows bitmaps for the desktop
    Camera focal lengths - the camera always lies
    Firewall event simulation computer model
    Losing DHCP leases
    Network UPS configuration for a server
    Web translation for Chinese
    Browser network appliance configuration
  HelpDesk Extra
      Linux icons
213 [D] HelpDesk
    Linux file and directory permissions
    Printer Drivers - Godel
    Black ink in colour printing
    XP Task Manager revealed
    Installing and removing programs in Linux
    XP's bloated interface
    Images - bitmaps to ASCII
  HelpDesk Extra
    putting together your own WebCam:
      Camera and Image capturing software
      Web page design
  • Refresh
  • Iframe
      Site content
  • Html and image files
  • Favicon.ico
  • Robots.txt
      Web Server
  • Stopping and starting
  • Configuration file
  • Access control
  • Logs and traffic analysis
      Firewall Configuration
  • Honey pots
214 [D] HelpDesk
    Turing Machines
    Printer Inks and Permanence
    KIOslaves and IOslaves
215 [D] HelpDesk
    Correcting PC Clocks
    IPSec and SSL VPNs
    Tarpits and the Nachi Lesson
    Trojans in emails
    Keyboard shortcuts in KDE
    Adding new buttons to IceWM and the files
    Four new themes for IceWM
    LAN IP Addresses
216 [D] HelpDesk
    HTML 'Alt' tags (abseiling sheep)
    Spam sifting
    Images - negatives and colours - and .pngs.
  HelpDesk Extra
    Failed Machine Recovery:
      Running KNOPPIX
      USB FlashDisk or LAN
      Pushing or pulling data on the LAN
      smb:/ as an alternative
      Just drag and drop
217 [D] HelpDesk
    Web Statistics without cgi-scripts
    Voting without cgi-scripts
  HelpDesk Extra
    putting together your own Broadband connection Web Proxy/Server/NAS ...:
      Network Proxy Server Hardware
      Drive Partitions
      Software Packages
      Operating System
      Network Cards
      Proxy Server
      URL Filtering
      Network Addressable Storage
      Network Time Server
      Log Analysis and System Administration:
  • Ethereal
  • Squid Log Analyser
  • Webalizer
  • KDE system Guard
  • Info Center
  • Nagios
218 [D] HelpDesk
    Wide Angles with Digital Cameras
    Coloured Fringes on Digital Images
    Apache Log Entries - Whois Databases
  HelpDesk Extra
    Multiple servers on one machine:
      Domain names
      Name-based virtual hosts
      Mounting drives in Linux directory structures
      External access
219 [D] HelpDesk
    Stereoscopic images
    Kmail email client
220 [D] HelpDesk
    Camera shutter speeds and delays
    Misleading disk capacities
    Partitioning and formatting external drives
    Tabs in browsers
  HelpDesk Extra
    Making Webpages accessible:
      Creating a homepage image
      Placing the image and other links on the page using tables
      Split Image:
        Dividing up the image
        Inserting it into tables
      Image Map:
        Collecting co-ordinates
        Client-side image maps
        Server-side image maps
      Creating images for other pages
      Using tables to make it look good at any size
      Using tables for menus
      Using Server Side Includes (SSIs):
        Implementing SSIs for a simple menu
        Other SSI functions
        Creating the same site but using frames
        Creating an alternative layout
        A Benefit
      1935 Saxophones
221 [D] HelpDesk
    Transposed colour Infra red with Digital Cameras
    Novelty CDR finger bowl dish
    Spam-bot honey pot
  HelpDesk Extra
      Number Functions
      String Functions
      Conditional Expressions
      Double Entry Book
      Caesar and Horst Feistel
222 [D] HelpDesk
    Being attacked by your DNS?
    Automatically downloading the web with wget
  HelpDesk Extra
    Computer Modelling:
      Thrown object ballistic flight computer model
223 [D] HelpDesk
    Origami Webcam Cover;
    Windows SMB shares in GNU/Linux;
    GNU/Linux Samba (SMB) shares in Windows; and,
    Find your real IP address.
224 [D] HelpDesk
    Windows Media Player Skins button
    Linux Directory Visualisations
    Perl Books
  HelpDesk Extra
    Perl spam-tarpit POP3 Server:
      Getting Perl
      The scenario
      POP3 protocol (rfc1939)
      xinetd Super-Server
      Perl Basics (very)
      Perl spam-tarpit POP3 Server
225 [D] HelpDesk
    W3C links
    Adding a working OpenBSD entry to the GRUB bootloader
    Using Windows Dialler for Call barring
  HelpDesk Extra
    OpenBSD installation:
      About OpenBSD
      Training for the install on DOS
      Users, groups and permissions
      Solving loss-of-keyboard using SSL
      Setting up the GUI
      Adding packages
226 [D] HelpDesk
    Robot Bandwidth
    Disposing of printed material
  HelpDesk Extra
    OpenOffice.org Presentation:
      Supported platforms
      License considerations
      Those little buttons
      Setting up a master
      Continuously transparent graphics
      Outputting your presentation to various file types
227 [D] HelpDesk
    Apache Fancy Indexing
    Arbitrary angle motion blur
    JPEG compression
  HelpDesk Extra
    Server-Side Includes (SSIs):
      Configuration file
      Code in html files
      Code to run
228 [D] HelpDesk
    Image file options
  HelpDesk Extra
      Configuring Apache
      Configuration Files
      Graphical Output
      Running example
229 [D] HelpDesk
    Blocked File Attachments
    Fixing broken Windows boot.ini file with KNOPPIX
    Animated icon file
  HelpDesk Extra
    Mind Maps on OpenOffice.org:
      About OpenOffice.org
      Mind Maps
      Creating a mind map with OpenOffice.org
230 [D] HelpDesk
    Watermarks in PDF Documents
    XMMS Skins (including file)
    CapsLock No More (file)
  HelpDesk Extra
    OGG to MP3 conversion (personal stereos):
      Why convert to MP3?
      CPAN - Perl modules
231 [D] HelpDesk
    Configuring Network Devices
    Which Server Operating System?
  HelpDesk Extra
    Network-based Surveillance:
      IP v USB
      Retrieving images
      Example Web Page
232 [D] HelpDesk
    Liquid Icons
    MIDI (Musical instrument Digital Interface)
  HelpDesk Extra
    HTML coding:
      Overall Layout
      Paragraphs and breaks
      Special Characters
233 [D] HelpDesk
    Tightening up your firewall
    More about catching hackers
  HelpDesk Extra
    Command Line Interface:
      Opening up a command line in:
      Windows 98SE;
      Windows XP; and,
      File system basics
      Moving around the file system
      Creating/deleting directories
      Creating files:
      Redirection; and,
      Viewing and editing files
      Some nifty command line commands
234 [D] HelpDesk
    Dynamic passwords
    Internet Explorer - Content Ratings
    IrDA Tip
    IrDA security
    MIDI (Musical instrument Digital Interface)
  HelpDesk Extra
    Simple Network Monitoring:
      Keeping it simple
      Configuration file
      Logging program
      Reporting Program
235 [D] HelpDesk
    Up-times on Windows and Linux systems
236 [D] HelpDesk
    Correcting Perspective
    DVD Video on Linux
    Command line calculator
    Random EMail Signatures
237 [D] HelpDesk
    Local Area Network IP ranges - RFC 1918
    Super-searches with Regular Expressions
    SAP packets in TCPDump
    Locating Rogue Network Machines using EtherApe
    Default BIOS Passwords
    Using NetStat on Windows and Unix
238 [D] HelpDesk
    Audio CDs and CDROMS
    NumLock status, BIOS passwords and keyboards
    Trackerballs - high precision mouse
    Browser security warnings
    Linux User Groups
    Better long downloads with wget
    Browser-based FTP - 'get'ting
    FTP on the command line
    UNIX-like-OS file systems
    Burning CD ISOs with K3b
239 [D] HelpDesk
    Internet Survival Time
    French Keyboard - Key Locations
    French Keyboard - Changing Layout
    French Keyboard - Configuring Ethernet Card (KNOPPIX)
    Choosing a Printer
    Other Live CDs
    Digital Rights Management Rootkit Trojan
    Rootkit Trojan Exploit Viruses
    Fingerprint Drive
    Testing Fingerprint Devices
    Biometrics - Thoughts About User Risk
    Downloading Large Files Effectively
    Using MD5 Hashes
    Blocking Used Ports on LAN with Hardware Firewall
    Network Time - Posix and Right
    Setting Time from the Command Line
    Proposed Changes in Leap Seconds and Effects
    PostScript on Windows and Examples
240 [D] HelpDesk
    SSH remote host change
    Word counts in OpenOffice.org
    CD installation-set recognition problem on UNIX-like systems
    Hidden files in UNIX-like OSes
    Alternative uses for MP3 players
    TCP FIN scan attacks
    Configuring a DHCP server for a small network
    Configuring an SMB printer in SUSE 10.0
    Open Source Software for Windows
    PostScipt Sudoku answers from issue 239
241 [D] HelpDesk
    The GIMP - Why so many windows?
    Another Free OS - Solaris 10
    Using KNOPPIX to gather system information
    JPEG Image Meta-information
    Cross-platform browsing plug-ins - Flash
    Adding a Mozilla browser plug-in in Solaris 10 as a user
    Adding a new user
    Avoiding JPEG Artefacts
    JDS Gnome Panel Applications
    System monitoring using CLI output
    Batch files from the crontab
    Regular Expressions in Perl
242 [D] HelpDesk
    Named Pipes
    Port Scans
    Linear Regressions
    Test Your Own Broadband Connection Speed
    Bad characters in HTML in MS FrontPage
243 [D] HelpDesk
    Multiple Drop-Shadows
    Nice processes
    Global warming in a Flash
244 [D] HelpDesk
    KDE Screen-layout Choice
    Hardware Firewalls
    Search Engine Ranking Program
    Running Down Laptop Batteries Safely
    Single Colours - Hex Values
    Gradients - Hex Values
    KDE Keyboard Schemes
    (Not) Doing The Impossible
    Favicon.ico Images - A True Quantum Leap In The Browsing Experience
    Creating Your Own 'favicon' File
    Online Generation of 'favicon.ico' Files
245 [D] HelpDesk
    Preserving Permissions on USB Flash Drives
    Light-weight Paper
    Sendmail in programs - Sending mail from programs
    Sub-Pixel Hinting a.k.a. Cleartype(tm)
    How Sub-Pixel Hinting Works
    Adding/Removing Sub-Pixel Hinting - Windows
    Adding/Removing Sub-Pixel Hinting - Linux/KDE
246 [D] HelpDesk
    Linux window decorations and other interface features
    Other GUIs on Linux/BSD/UNIX
    Google Maps and browser compatibility
    Proxy your web server - domain names on LAN
    Expanding image density range
    Using 'time' on Linux
    Removing motion blur at source
    System monitoring on Windows 98
    Adding a program to the panel in KDE
    'vi' survival guide
    Running PICO and PINE
247 [D] HelpDesk
    Galleries in web browsers
    Standard exposures
    GIMP my pics
    Custom key sequences in the GIMP
    Density ranges
    Internationalisation (i18n) and Localisation (l10n)
    Stop the screensaver
    Processor demand
248 [D] HelpDesk
    Sensible names for desktops in KDE (or similar)
    Highlighting several portions of text
    Suspending Windows and Linux
    Shrinking XP Window Decorations
    Shrinking Vista Window Decorations
    Network Games traffic
    Drivers in Vista
    SMB (Samba) share limits
    FTP Multiple File Transfer (command line)
    FTP Recursive File Transfer in a mouse click
    FTP Recursive File Transfer in FireFox
    The first thing you do in Vista (File Names)
    BSOD on reboot in Vista
    Repartitioning without Windows
249 [D] HelpDesk
    Account types in Windows
    Infra Red - 'Super Black and White'
    Digital-Image Equivalent to Retinal Contrast Effect
    False colours from the GIMP
    Online Drawing
    Lithium Ion Batteries
250 [D] HelpDesk
    Secured communications on web browsers
    Controlling services
    'Hello World' html documents
    PDF file sizes
    Getting network devices onto your subnet
251 [D] HelpDesk
    Phishy domain names
    Buffer Overflows/overruns
    Click to remove?
    History in BASH
    Dark side of Unicode
    Flames on film
    Migrating machines - recovering passwords
    Infuriatingly incomplete dictionaries
    Connect with Curl
    Mogrify your images
    Bathtub failure model
    The Registry - time to go
    Clean your printer
    Final Warning - Hardware peripherals - Taking Care
252 [D] HelpDesk
    Multiple domains on one IP address
    Cascading Style Sheets gone wrong
    Making Links
    Unannounced Email Patches
    Grey-Listing Effectiveness
    Bluetooth Installation
    Bluetooth Security
    Packet Anatomy
    Internet Uptime from Packet Headers
    Packet Fragmentation Offset Data Overwrite Vulnerabilities
    Messages to Other Users
    Quality Loss from Windows Image Viewer Rotation
    Mebi or Mega?
253 [D] HelpDesk
   Remembering commands
   Hidden codes
   Keyboard Shortcuts in KDE
   Blur - Which?
   Specialist or Spam?
   SIM back-up
   Fingerprint access control
   Total Internal Reflection (TIR)
254 [D] HelpDesk
   In memory of Wilf Hey
   Making ICO files
   Sending signals
   Photos at your chemist
   TTL - Useful or not
   Vista - changing workgroup
   Safer CGI scripting
   Processing CGI Input
   Concatenation and coercion
   Colour-blind websites
   Cheap network storage
   Difference between switches and routers
   Chaining switches
   Vista - cascading menus (reclaiming sanity)
   Secure data erasure
   Network card stats
   Manual (man) pages - examples
   Informative bash prompt
   UNIX and Windows times
255 [D] HelpDesk
   Retrieving the Vista Taskbar
   Time your CGIs
   What is ROT13?
   Perfect display colours
   ps and grep
   Grep's so good
   Binary blobs
   Automatic MD5 hashes
   Focussing Media Center
   Securing your data
   PXE boot
   Choosing an OS
256 [D] HelpDesk
   Adding quicklaunch icons to Vista's Taskbar
   Interrupt accuracy
   Making text look photocopied
   When your web page was cached
   Ergonomics - rules of thumb
   Retrieving Vista menus
   Website internals exposed
   Release GUI resources
   Privileged account reminder
   User Agent strings
   Automatic system report
   Layer Masks in the GIMP
   Configurable ruby mask
   Crontab file times
   Tee for two
257 [D] HelpDesk
   Easy ASCII text
   Extending ASCII text with outline images
   Flexible logos with The GIMP
   Installing The GIMP in Vista
   No root GUI on Ubuntu
   FTP to a machine without an FTP server
   Clever printer server
   Undoing file associations
   GRUB - disc identities
   GRUB - booting different OSes
   64Studio - Multimedia on your 64-bit PC
   MIDI-USB hardware
   Rig-building tips
258 [D] HelpDesk
   Editing Fonts in Linux
   Caslon ranges
   Colour correction
   Long FAT file names
   Two network interfaces in Windows
   Motion blur
   Password recovery
   Retaining permissions on Floppy Disc drives
   Beryl Window Manger
   Apochromatic lenses
   Installing Vista on occupied drives
   Dual-booting into Vista
   Aladdin eToken
259 [D] HelpDesk
   Awful clicking noise in Vista
   Bring back Telnet on Vista
   Ubuntu install screen
   JPEG or GIF on the web
   Optical mouse movements
   Traceroute and LFT
   Dvorak keyboard - making
   Dvorak keyboard - using
   Bogomips on scalable processors
   Liquid nitrogen cooling
   Linux elevator types
   Bayer mask interpolation
   Raw image format
260 [D] HelpDesk
   Remove ugly orphans
   Snooping IT staff
   Controlling USB devices
   Whereis, Whatis, Apropos
   Make your own maps
   PDF attached emails
   Viewing log files in Windows
   Drawing with a tablet
   Hashes in emails
   More efficient fans
   Dye sublimation printing
   Computers in films
   World map in iris
   Multiple Document Interface (MDI) in Photoshop
261 [D] HelpDesk
   Just what is 'Crippleware'
   Moving Windows in KDE and GNOME
   Automatic quote replacement in OpenOffice.org Writer
   Setting a program's priority
   Sorting enormous lists
   Extracting UserAgent strings from log files
   CGI scripting language
262 [D] HelpDesk
   End-Of-Line codes
   Animated favicons
   Never work with children and animals
   Correcting photographs for density
   Is my manager/partner a psychopath?
263 [D] HelpDesk
   Beryl on Windows?
   Vista - How much RAM?
   Load files from anywhere
   MAC addresses
   Converting PDF to ASCII
   WEP Keys
   Memorable Hex Keys
264 [D] HelpDesk
   Old virus infections
   World map clock
   Font types
   Global ad blocking
   Checking link status
   Non-ASCII websites
   Direct UTF-8 encoding
   Control your website
265 [D] HelpDesk
   Disappearing files
   Hidden words
   Window Manager Options
   Xserver keyboard shortcuts
   Modelling your chances
   Tables by hand
266 [D] HelpDesk
   Email delivery failure
   Last reboot time
   Infrequent reboots
   Learn to type
   Server Message Block
   Easy image maps
   Manipulating image maps
   Printers and CUPS
267 [D] HelpDesk
   Process tree
   3D modelling software
   Well beyond 3D text
   Reverse proxy server
268 [D] HelpDesk
   On-line file conversion
   Finding things quickly
   On-line banking safety
   Windows IIS Server
   That all-important Jalebi ('ਜਲੇਬੀ') recipe
   Sniff the net
269 [D] HelpDesk
   Scaling large images
   Video screen capture
   Burning ISOs
   Linux with Wine
   Killing windows
270 [D] HelpDesk
   Watch users with 'whowatch'
   Memory stick allocation
   USB Ethernet dongle
   Configure your DHCP server
   Home-made special fonts
271 [D] HelpDesk
   Characters without keyboards
   3D cloning corrections
   Running up to speed
   Locate and format
   Boot and Nuke
272 [D] HelpDesk
   Preloading pings for quicker results
   Retrieve your asterisk
   Diamonds are your worst enemy
   Extend your WiFi range
   Monitor Live IP Status
   Standardise your document program output
   Using a pipe
273 [D] HelpDesk
   On-page Nixie tube web counter and code
   Apparently translucent gradients
   Mango Jam - Hello World
   Word counts in HTML documents over SMB
274 [D] HelpDesk
   Concentrate your log data with 'grep'
   File creation time/date on UNIX-like systems
   Opening a serial port
   Different pages for different browsers
   Installing Solaris just got less nerve racking
   XPM image format
   Build an instant website
   Real textures in images
   Artificial textures in images
   Make your own Microserver
   GET using wget
   Mango font