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Miso and Wakame Soup - try this easy to make soup - an excellent starter for any meal. Daisy-Free Recipes
Leak and Lentil Soup - another good soup - a meal in itself.
Bread - from normal bread to savoury and sweet variations.
Chips - both potato and a macrobiotic alternative that is far more convenient.
Bucky Burgers - versatile replacement for the stereotypical coronary burger but with as many flavours as you want.
Cornish Pasty - the ultimate in no-mess, TV, convenience food.
Tomato Sauce - try this and you will never touch the supermarket stuff again.
Pasta - a versatile pasta sauce made from anything that you have lying around the kitchen. Better than the stuff you pay an arm and a leg for in the supermarkets.
Curry - an excellent curry that will not burn your mouth out but, instead, has many subtlties (and opportunities for convenience).
Salad Dressing - why pay more for something that is as simple to make as this and costs only a fraction of the ready-made. This tastes better as well.
Wines - make your own wines, unlike the wine on sale in the shops, you know what went into this. Make Plum wine, Carrot wine and Dandelion wine. Note that in many countries it is illegal to sell or distill wine although in others it is not.
Soya Milk and Tofu - ever thought about making your own?
Banana Flip - quick and simple, refreshing drink.
Ice Cream - make your own fantasy flavour combinations.
Chocolate Pudding - A simple and delicious pudding that takes about 20 minutes to make (including cooking time) that would take over 1 hours if done in a conventional oven.
Chocolate Cake - who says that you can't make a cake without breaking eggs, I've been doing it for years.
Fruit Cake - an utterly brilliant cake that will get you more orders for Christmas than you can handle - don't let the word get out that you have the recipe.
Oat Biscuits - excellent biscuits that never make the shelf life.
Bonfire Toffee - excellent toffee at half the price of the shop stuff and twice the taste.
Peanut Brittle - as above but at a quarter of the price.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding these recipes, e-mail me with Recipes in the subject line.


I have decided to be consistent with the layout of these pages so that they can be printed out to make a collection of reasonably presentable recipe sheets.

Each recipe (as one would expect) has the following parts:

  • Ingredients;
  • Method;
  • Variations;
  • Storage; and,
  • Serving suggestions.

I have given suggestions, where appropriate, on how to modify the recipe to suit the variables - differences in absorption of water by different batches of flour, differences in acidity of vinegar or orange juice and so on. In addition, I have suggested alternative forms - the sweet version of the bread for example.

Read all of the way through a recipe so as to know what you need to do before hand - doing all of the slicing and keeping things separate will speed up cooking (slicing all of the veg in the Pasta menu but keeping the mushrooms to one side will make the meal easier to cook).


or, "If humans taste so good, why aren't we supposed to eat them?" :-)

All of these recipes are aimed at people who wish to eat food that is more reliable (Professional Musicians, actors and so on - people who cannot just have a day off work) - that is to say that:

  • They are made only from food that is more reliable in terms of chemical and biological make-up;
    • Chemical make-up in that it is plant and mineral only and therefore under greater control and is provided with greater consistency; and,
    • Biological make-up in that the food is not already rotting when you buy it in the shops (have you thought about comparing the "use-by" dates on different classes of foods? I was shocked to find out how long bacon lasts and that is supposed to be one of the better ones). Milk is already going off; cheese is only compressed calf vomit; eggs cannot be considered fresh by any reasonable person and as for all of the trendy cheese/yoghurt variants, who are the manufacturers trying to fool?
  • The food doesn't go off as quickly as other similar foods (therefore);
    • It lasts longer both as raw materials and as finished products;
    • It is less likely to leave you incapacitated with gut rot through a dodgey past; and,
    • You can sit in your vacation tent or fallout bunker knowing that the food will be safe to eat;
  • They are made from foodstuffs that are grown more efficiently (many times more efficiently than animal or animal-derived foods such as meat, eggs, cheese and so on - why feed grain to animals when there are people on the planet who are starving?);
  • Like all food that is suitable for vegans through to meat eaters, the recipes do not contain:
    • Meat and derivatives (which are linked to all manner of dreadful medical conditions but generally focused on heart disease, although the most spectacular recent cock-up has been with BSE which presents in humans as a variant of CJD (we don't know how or when it spreads within the cow population but if it spreads before the disease manifests itself then simply killing off all cows before 3 years old will not stop the spread of the disease either in the cow population or in the human population that eats the cows - there has been a case (it only takes one) where a strict vegetarian (lacto-vegetarian, not vegan) since before the BSE fiasco came to light, has caught the human form of BSE, clearly from animal input either before BSE as meat or since the beginning of BSE as a milk based product) - Daisy the Mad Cow says "Woof");
    • Milk and milk products such as cheese, fromage frais, yoghurt and so on (which is bogusly argued as being a good supply of Calcium - in fact only one in twenty people over the age of six months are capable of absorbing the Calcium from milk. It is also linked with Kidney Disease and Arthritis (I used to get bone pain until I went vegan, I have not suffered from it since) and the UK Government has just linked it with Crohn's disease); and,
    • Eggs and derivatives. (Eggs have an extraordinary amount of cholesterol in them - your body manufactures all of the cholesterol that it needs. Eggs have also been linked to salmonella and listeria - Government Minister Edwina Curry lost her job because she dared tell the truth about the extent to which the egg producers have been infected with salmonella).
  • I can kill my own onion and I can boil a potato to death but I would not be so hypocritical as to ask someone else to kill a cow on my behalf.

The fact that the recipes do not include any animal products at all mean that they are suitable for most specialised diets: Vegetarian; Vegan; and so on. In Kosher cooking, the meat and the milk products are kept well away from each other - in vegan cooking, they are kept well away from the food. The only non-Kosher Vegan ingredient that I have been able to identify to date (I am certain that someone will send me a big list one day) is Cashew Nuts which may be included in (or omitted from) the Ice Cream Recipe.

So as to be inclusive (rather than exclusive - why should it be vegetarians only, other people should be allowed to cook with these recipes) I have also included some meat eater type ingredients (such as butter as an alternative to margarine) so that the "I wouldn't know what to do if there wasn't meat on the plate" brigade who can't be bothered to read this far down the page after the recipe links doesn't feel too left out.

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