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No information relating to the person who sends me any mail from this site will be given out without permission from that person and then, I still reserve the right to withold personal information. If you want your details sending to third parties then don't ask me to do it for you. If you send it to me, it remains private.

E-Mail Policy

I accept that people will, from time to time, need to contact me as I am this site's webmaster but don't expect me to write for you a thesis on fluid dynamics - I only have limited time to spare and, although you may not get the impression by looking at the water rocket pages, I do have to work for a living :-).

However, if you have a genuine querie or point then please do not hesitate to write - I have no objection whatsoever to helping people with a genuine need or receiving feedback (use the feedback form). Please feel free to contact me.

However, I will not accept abuse of e-mail therefore I impose the following condition . . .

Unsolicited commercial email and/or spam will be processed for a US$500 handling fee. Unsolicited sending of such mail constitutes acceptance of this condition.

So, if you are genuine, here is my e-mail address - pagrosse@compuserve.com.

NOTE In the subject line, use "AG7Y" (no quotes needed) at the beginning so that my anti-spam email filter can download it -- it if is not there, it will not even be downloaded.

Subject: AG7Y SIRDS help needed
would be downloaded whereas
Subject: SIRDS help needed
would not.

The reason for this apparent insanity is that spammers just use email lists and do not visit people's websites and I dislike spam just as much as the next person.

Please also note that this address will not accept attachments so send your mail in plain text only. Some e-mail programs send out a HTML version (this will be deleted without even being read) but then not send any of the body text in the main e-mail. Please make sure that your mail program sends only the body text (there is usually an option in the menus or on one of the setup forms or in your address book for this)


If you would like to offer some feedback, you can do so (anonymously if you wish) using the feedback form. The feedback form does not require you to have an email program (or email address even) on your browser so you can write to me from a cybercafe or a library using just the browser.

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