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UFO for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98

I have been informed that it also works fine on MS FS 2000 pro

Full working UFO with Panel and Sounds (complete with model) for FS98.

Download Install UFOs - You decide They're Here :-) Build Your Own

IMAGINE THAT you have found yourself onboard a UFO - it doesn't really matter if you were abducted and overpowered the aliens, scared them away with a transparent bar that you found close to hand or climbed onboard yourself (Why would you ever want to do that?).

For years, you have flown your PC Flight Simulator 737s and Sopwith Camels - always praying for that moment on a real aeroplane when the worried looking stewardess asks if there is a passenger who knows anything about flying (it was the fish dinner and the chicken).

Now, you are sitting in the alien pilot's seat. The controls look peculiar but interestingly intuitive in their design - a sort of joy stick on your left that your hand fits into and what looks like an artificial horizon and lots of buttons on the other arm of the seat. Wouldn't it be nice to have a go at flying it. Now is your chance.

Screenshot of MS FS98 flying 
the UFO over the screets of 
Chicago. Did anyone see this?
Screen shot from FS98 UFO showing the panel complete with optional instruments.

Whether or not you believe in UFOs, aliens or alien abduction (it is reassuringly comfortable to be able to deny the existence of both or at least the latter if you want to sleep at night), if you like flying unusual (air)craft and have MS FS98, then this is just for you. It is based upon a UFO model from the Internet and I have given it a new panel and sounds - replacing the original Learjet sounds and panel (yuk :-) ) that you get when you convert the model to MS FS98 using the converter.

I am privileged to have seen an unidentified flying object with my own eyes a few years ago (although not from the inside) and I can say that it did not sound like a Learjet. The panel is based upon the descriptions in the book, Fire in the Sky (Travis Walton, Marlowe & Company, New York (1996) ISBN 1-56924-840-0) and was produced using a modelling / ray-tracing program.

Ihave found it necessary for the purpose of flyability (for the want of a better word) to include a number of instruments that were not in Travis Walton's original description. I originally tried flying it without these but the damn thing goes so fast that unless you are particularly experienced and quick with the controls, you don't stand a cat in hell's chance of flying it at any speed without piling it into the ground at Mach 2 at some stage. A good joystick is recommended as this makes flying it a pleasure.

In addition, as FS appears to be meant for winged aeroplanes and not UFOs, there are a few programming tricks incorporated into the flying model in order to make it perform in the required manner (0 - 1,400 kts in less time that it takes to read a McDonalds sign, stopping on a sixpence (time warp required for those that cannot remember how big a sixpence is), taking off nearly vertically and so on). The application of spoilers and flaps modifies the lift and braking and as the position of the gear can cause an effect similar to vortex shedding at high speed, it is important to 'know' how these controls are set (land without the gear down and it will crash) - therefore these gauges have a place on the panel. Although it may not seem obvious what is what when you first set eyes on it, you will soon get used to each gauge and what it is trying to tell you - just try and remember back to the time when you flew your first plane and didn't know what any of the controls were.

For the purists who don't mind dicing with death, it is possible to edit out all but the artificial horizon by removing (not recommended) or commenting out (recommended) the appropriate lines in the panel.cfg file.

Note that you need a copy of Microsoft Flight Sim (or another program that uses these files)
installed on your machine to be able to use this download.
You will also need WinZip or a similar decompression program. See the Install Instructions.

Downoad the zipped model, panel and sounds by clicking here.
Over 23,000 downloads

File size 362,259 Bytes

MD5 hash = 2c4ffdf59938e8d13dc0e0f3e33a0f05

INSTALLATION Click Here for details on installation (it is standard for installing all new aircraft but if you haven't installed one before, seeing a few screen shots and an explanation can make it a lot easier).

If you already have UFO-2 on your system, just unzip this file into a temporary sub-directory, rename the cfg files in your current sound and panel sub-directories (as a standard precaution) and drag the new sound and panel directory contents over to their respective directories remembering to copy the gauges into the gauges sub-directory on the FS98 root.

If you want to build your own solar powered UFO, click here.

Have fun.

Any questions, just e-mail me with MS FS UFO as the subject

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Download Install UFOs - You decide They're Here :-) Build Your Own
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