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Hamster WebCam

If you read PC Plus issue 213, you will have seen the HamsterCam photograph in the article. This is the actual HamsterCam used and if you want to visit the site itself to see it and some of the other things there, just click here.

See Dougal and Peanut the hamsters at home in their cages in Derby (UK). Note that sometimes, there might be a different rodent there such as a guinea pig or a mouse.

You can see them (or at least their cages as they sleep a lot) between 8:00am and 11:00pm Bristish Summer Time in the summer or the same hours GMT in the winter.

(a.k.a.: RodentCam; MouseCam; GuineaCam.)

Click on image to change replenish rate.
Border colours:
     = 10        = 20       = 60 seconds

Is it working the way you expected?

If it is not, it could be one of the following:

  • No coloured border or image:
    • the server is off line (see time-of-day limits - also, I could be using it for something else); or
    • your browser does not use an "iframe" (click here to go to the non-iframe version); or
    • that your security settings are configured so that they do not accept iframes; or
    • it has been configured so that it will not load content from an iframe that is on another server; or
    • that my ISP has changed my ip address (when I discover this, I will update the page so that it will work again)
  • Coloured background but no image:
    • it could be that your connection is not fast enough to allow the picture to load between refreshes or there are a lot of people looking at bubbles, so select a slower refresh rate by clicking on the image (if you all do this when you encounter this problem, you will all be able to see him)
  • Image is black apart from writing:
    • it is night time and the light is off or something is in front of the camera
  • The image doesn't refresh:
    • it could be that your browser doesn't support automatic refreshing so reload the page
  • The time at the bottom doesn't change:
    • it could be that: your ISP caches images and doesn't update them; or
    • that Bubbles is having a privacy break; or
    • he is having his cage cleaned; or
    • the image capturing program is offline for some reason
  • The time changes but there is no apparent movement:
    • Bubbles could just be asleep.
  • The picture seems full of "noise":
    • The picture is most likely taken in low light levels - remember that artificial light is not as bright as sunlight.
  • I don't seem to remember hamsters having pointy noses and long tails:
    • The hamstercam also looks at Aphy the mouse sometimes and occasionally some guinea pigs.
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