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Browser requirements: This site was written using Microsoft Outlook Express, edited with a text editor and checked with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape. It has been checked with a number of resolutions and colour depths so it should work well with any other browser (see best viewed with below left). I have not used scripts, cookies or frames (although the banner that appears on this index and the water rocket index has its own frame) so functionality should be consistent if you are behind a firewall - even a properly configured one. However, to view the downloadable Chinese HTML help pages for the Water Rocket Computer model, your browser does need to support Chinese Big5 or Chinese GB 2312 (consult the manufacturer of your browser for details).

Navigation: This site caters for a wide range of interests but I have tried to make navigation consistent with a menu down the left hand side or a menu block like the one below on each page, except on: the Internet Security reports which are meant for printing out a single personal copy (although the Index does have the menu on it); the Water Rocket HTML Help pages online (which opens up a new window and has its own navigation); and, the Site Map which has a link to everything anyway.

Download time: The Water Rocket part of the site has a number of illustrative photographs that can make those pages slightly longer to load but it is well worth it as this part of the site has won a number of awards. For the reason that a large number of visitors use modems from home, the images are optimised towards quicker download speeds. The emphasis being on illustration and usability, not on winning photgraphic competitions. The rest of the site is fairly quick.

MIDI Files: There are some MIDI files to play as you browse the site but you can choose whether or not you play them.

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This site has well over 200 pages with over 184,000 words:
over 93,000 on Water Rockets;
over 52,000 on Computer Security and,
over 11,000 on Recipes.
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