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Internet Security Writing

  Firewalls and Intruder Detection
Internet Security Systems: RealSecure October 2000
  Check Point Software Technologies Ltd: FireWall-1 February 2000
  Sonic Systems Inc. SonicWALL June 1999
  Isolation Systems: InfoCrypt Enterprise July 1997
Information Resource Engineering July 1997
  First Access: Authentication Suite June 1998
Quintet Inc.: SignCrypt: Biometric Verification February 1999
  Encryption/PKI GmbH: TextSign and TextHide / SubiText August 2000
CS Communications and Systems : CS-Cipher July 1999
GlobalSign Certificate Authority June 1999
Baltimore Technologies: UniCERT 3.0 Certificate Authority System May 1999
  Position Paper: Electronic Purse October 1999
Brokat AG: Twister for eCommerce March 1999
enCommerce Inc.: getAccess January 1999
  Briefing Paper: Best Practice Report on Virus Management May 2000

Paul Grosse at workIf you have looked at my home page (as opposed to the Index), you will know that I write for a living and that one of the things I do is review Internet Security products. I have been doing this for over six years now. I currently write for PC Plus magazine, published by Future, and Secure Computing Magazine which is published internationally by West Coast Publishing Limited although I used to write for ComputerWire in the UK and Meta Group in the US on Data Security Tools Bulletin.

The ComputerWire articles were published on paper once a month and on the Internet weekly and are aimed at the decision making sector of the information security business. The articles are 3,000 to 4,000 words long with company profile and opinion in addition to the usual things that you would expect in a product review. I have written over 60 of these articles over the years and those here represent a cross-section of that work.

The Articles for Secure Computing Magazine are 1,000 word reviews appearing either on the Internet or in the magazine which is published monthly. Their website is at

Here are some of the ComputerWire articles - free for you to download and read although it must be pointed out that I retain in all respects the copyright on all of my work so if you want to do more than just read it yourself (such as make hard copies, extracts or handouts) then all you have to do is e-mail me so that we can come to a written agreement - I'm sure we can work something out.

If you would like me to do some writing for you then again, contact me via e-mail. I am also listed in the National Union of Journalists freeleance site so you know that I am the real thing. Incidentally, some companies that I review think that the company profiles that I write about them are so good that they lift the section from my article and put it in their own documentation or on their website without a by-line or paying me for the privilege. This has happened quite a few times now - must be good.

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