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Here are some fonts for free personal use for you to download. They all cover the following range of characters . . .


. . . unless stated otherwise.

You can download the My School Font PG font to try it out but if you want to use it in your school, you need to get a registered copy (only UKP 15.00).

CutOut PG TrueType Font Anyone can use the Elementary font to create templates to cut around but this font lets you generate output that looks as though it has been cut out.
Cut Out PG TrueType Font - Click Here to download Cutout__.ttf 11,460 bytes
MD5 hash = 2cb4615bb0b5ebe6fd72dcbf6cb47aec
GasPlasma PG TrueType Font This should take the tedium out of generating Gas Plasma Display images. To make it look as though it is emitting light, use a central drop shadow the same colour as the font.
GasPlasma PG TrueType Font - Click Here to download Plasma__.ttf 20,164 bytes
MD5 hash = 89bf4a4496d25e3bd306d138e5a9b363
This font makes convincing handwritten mail. It was written using a Ball Pentel Fine Point R50 and reproduces nicely at 20 to 48 point. It will go larger or smaller but unless your handwriting is the same size, it will not convince anyone. For those of you who are writing for jobs where people are employed to analyse handwriting and are thinking of "borrowing" my personality, remember that the letters remain the same shape throughout the document (although you could use a DTP to warp the lines and height of the script :-)
Hand Written 1 PG TrueType Font - Click Here to download Handwpg1.ttf 20,480 bytes
MD5 hash = 37801657e1cc6dd45247eb9ee5d28c38
And here is another but this time, using a Stabilo sensor fine 0.3 Art. No. 189/36.
Hand Written 2 PG TrueType Font - Click Here to download Handwpg2.ttf 19,984 bytes
MD5 hash = a206e0a07b52a21d86bf61310fd08f95
Jotter PG TrueType Font If you are in a hurry, this is the sort of writing you might produce (the pen will never catch on you know :-)
Jotter PG TrueType Font - Click Here to download Jotter__.ttf 9,956 bytes
MD5 hash = 23c189315cc7a53dab4f62a565ed1c69
My School Font PG TrueType Font Primary schools (k-6) in the UK have their own sets of rules for writing, for example, how to write a "z" or a "b". These vary from school to school and the default fonts fail to deliver for the busy teacher needing to prepare work for worksheets or display. So, the only solutions are: to spend extra time, painstakingly preparing display work or worksheets (on top of everything else); to compromise the school's work by using fonts with incorrect letter forms; or, have a custom built font. If you are interested in making life easier for your teachers, Click Here to see about having a Custom School Font made for your school (UK Only).
My School Font PG TrueType Sample Font - Click Here to download myschfnt.ttf 13,880 bytes
MD5 hash = 9ff9bef5fda17e8a43afe60c4d03d9ab
TypeWriter PG TrueType Font This font is based upon a real typewriter, looking more like hand typed copy than the computer fonts allow. Unlike a lot of computer typewriter fonts, this one is legible and has only the characters that are on a typrwriter (ie no braces { or }) so no cheating.
TypeWriter PG TrueType Font - Click Here to download Typewrtr.ttf 9,024 bytes
MD5 hash = ef352299a18ad55f070e1c39710be93f
WaterRocket PG TrueType Font Drawing bottles on image processing software to illustrate diagrams is always a pain, having to re-size and redraw manually. I finally got around to making this font so that people (as well as me) could make diagrams easily for web pages, school projects and so on. To re-size, just alter the point size, to change the colour, change the colour of your font. To make the lines thicker if you are doing small diagrams, make it Bold. The anti-alias on image processing software will do all of the hard work for you in getting curves to look curved. Use the Character Map program to see where the particular images are. Currently, they go from A (uppercase) to V (uppercase) but I am expanding this as I get the opportunity. For those who need to know if they have the latest version, I last updated this font on 8th July 2000
Water Rocket PG TrueType Font - Click Here to download Waterrkt.ttf 6,900 bytes
MD5 hash = b9523ae4b85c4661d1af9e839619520b
More fonts to come . . .

Installing . . .

This is what I do on my machine (Win95 b with IE additions).

To install a font, all you need to do is copy it to the Windows\Fonts subdirectory. If you want to uninstall it, just move the font to another subdirectory (I created one called "FontUn" and move them to there) where you can delete them.

To update a font (I intend to update the Water Rocket Font to include more bottle forms) you need to uninstall it, leave it for about 20 seconds while the system sorts itself out and then install the new one.

Better than all of this, and more likely to be a compatible procedure with a wider range of machines, is to use a font manager program that does it all for you.

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