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Some things reviewers have said . . .
We loved it Paul. We usually ignore requests for awards, but we didn't have to wait any longer to email you... Great work and of course Mike is right into Flight in his science classes for 8-10 year old so you had to be a winner!
A very nice site, excellent design, clever original graphics, great photos, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.
OUTSTANDING is a word sometimes seldom used, but is one definitely thought of when referring to your site on Water Rockets. . . . It's educational, entertaining, and original. Well thought out, well organized, and flawlessly executed.
You have designed an extraordinary website full of great content, well designed, easy to navigate and fast loading.

Note that these pages will take significantly longer to download than the other pages on this site due to the large number of graphics.

Family First Award Microsoft Plus Theme Site of the Day
Regard-It Cool Site of the Week Award Teachers' Travel Web "Best Site Award!" for web site excellence.
Marking's Award of Excellence. Critical Mass Award.
Gadzillion Award For Creative Thought on the Internet. Western2 Award
Bob-O-Link Way Cool Site Award. Best of the Web Silver Award.
Creative Design Award Otakou New Zealand. Wishing Well Award.
Excellent Web Site Gold Award. Hamz Best of the Best Site Award.
The Zilinsky Family Wings Award. Moosemania Mooseberries Award.
School Page's Web Site Excellence Award. MMSeekers.com Creative Award.
Market-Tek Design Award. The Teacher's Corner Award of Excellence for Education Web Sites.
DOCU-TYPE's "SUPERB CHOICE" AWARD for Web Site Excellence. Sunshine's Sundeck Grrrr-eat Site Award.
Bronze Quill Award For Excellence. Resource Site Award.
Educational Award of Excellence for Content and Layout.
Incredible Info 98 Best of the Best 2000 Non-Commercial Award. Silver Surfer Gold Award.
Beacon Award for Outstanding Web Sites. Nishler Award of Web Recognition.
Breton Award. Hot Site Award.
Southwest Web and Banner Design Award. M&L Designs Great Site Award.
Personality Creations Award for Design and Content. Smith's Out-Of-This-World Award.
Smith's Gold Award for Outstanding Design. Smith's Loved It Site Award.
Quincy Web Bright Site Award. G.M.Designs Gold Award.
Hidden Treasure's Excellent Site Award. Best of the Web "Diamond Award".
Award of Excellence. Silver Apple Award.
Quality Trading Award of Excellence. The Port Charles Scoops & Spoilers Award of Excellence.
Smiley's Silver Excellence Award. Tulip Award for Outstanding Achievement.
Phonex Website Award. Storm Keeper Award.
Arete Wave Award.
The Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers A+ Award. 3moons Castle Master of Magick Award.
The Planetpals "Safe Planet Award". The Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence.
The Spider Food Award. The Ramos Web Cool Site Award.
Mesweet's Gold Award. ComputerUser.com Link of the Week.
2000-2001 Golden Web Awards.. Chaney Graphics Dynamite Site Award.
"SILVER 2000" Web Page Excellence Award. POW Pick of the Week Award. 21st May 2000
Team Creations Silver Award. Awebpage.com Award of Excellence.
"Award e-sweet" (00). Silver Spheres Merit Award.
The Standing Ovation Award. School Zone Award.
WebGraf Italian Web Design The King Award. Kristas Korner Bronze Award of Excellence.
Medaille d'Or Southern Nytes Award of Elegance for May 2000
Aloha Award Spiffy Entertainment Silver Excellence Award for May 2000.
Sabre's Edge Award.
The MBI Gold Award. The Netprobe Platinum Award.
Believe 2 Achieve Webmaster Award of Excellence. The Cactus Award.
The Busy Educator Award. ABC Gold Award.
Twilight's Excellent Website Award. Bob's Steel Website Award.
A Site to Behold Award. My ParenTime Informed Site Award.
Tritia's Gold Award of Excellence. Sundsberget's Silver Moon Award.
Nem5 Web Maggic Cool Site Award. EddNet Silver Award.
Cutting Edge Gold Award. Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence.
iNet Award. WWWriters' Website of Substance Award
2000-2001 Excaliber Award

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