2 Stage Rocket

These are photographs taken of the first launches of the 2 stage rocket.

This is it on its side with the 2 stages separate, showing the rigid tube. Note that the booster stage (right) does not have any fins - this is because it does not need any.
On the launcher, showing the gantry in all of its glory.

This is another reason why the booster stage doesn't need any fins.

On this occasion, the rocket took for ever to pressurise and I only managed to get around 45 psi pressure in it. Not really enough to get a good launch.

This is it when I finally gave up pumping and, in a state of partial exhaustion, pulled the release string to see what would happen.

The two stages worked quite well although a little underpowered. The photograph on the left shows the two rockets just after separation and the jet of water coming from the front of the booster (lower rocket in picture) is the water that collected in the skirt section during pressurisation and was then flung forward by the decelleration of the booster following separation.

Unfortunately, the second stage was extremely stable and although the front section did empty of water as anticipated, this was not enough to destabalise it enough to make it float to earth on its side

A few days later and it snowed so, in the still air of the morning, I took out the second stage on its own to do some stability tests.

I tried it with various amounts of water, in the end trying it empty and even that was stable. I ended up fastening some pennies to the rear end in order to try to destabalise it. This worked and the rocket flew a most peculiar path. It made me realise just how stable all of the finned rockets I have built have been.

As a result of this testing: I need to use an active deployment system such as the speed flap or a timer; and, I need to have some method of pressurising the large rockets using something other than a pump powered by a human being (maybe two? ).

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