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Welcome to my Home Page (they all say that don't they). I won't bore you to death with reams of narcissistic junk full of details about what I do for a living and so on but for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, my name is Paul Grosse, I am a Computer Security Journalist living in the UK and I am interested in most things.
Years ago, when I started this site, I used to give you the choice of two types of page. Graphics intenstive pages (althought they might not have been by some people's standards) and primarily text based pages (with only a few, small graphics at the most). They used to contain the same information and work the same but the graphics heavy pages just looked prettier (they also took up too much space on the server). However, server space has improved as have modem speeds and I now have a graphical Index. Never mind.
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So that the maximum number of you can get the full benefit of this site, these pages contain NO Active Content by Design, or at least they didn't when I sent them to my ISP so that you could see them - I can only trust their security policy and hope that nobody has been able to break in and substitute them with something containing JavaScript or ActiveX or something worse. (US Military sites have been broken into in the past and you should have seen the pictures in the security press of what hackers did to the Jurassic Park site - or was it Jurassic Duck???) My advice is to turn it all off at the browser under security - options. Any well designed site will work properly.

If it can't be said without scripting, it isn't worth saying.

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No Active Content = No Active Content Security Issues.

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