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One of the real pieces.The Real Mah JongOne of the real pieces - there are four in all.

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Since Version One of the Real Mah Jong was published in 1993, I have received much varied information about the game - one thing that is for certain however, is that the pile of bricks game that is often seen is no version of the real game of Mah Jong. Here are a few items of interest. . .

The Ancient Game of Mah Jong is not that ancient - it originated in the 19th century;
It seems to have originally been a card game played onboard ship - the decision to transfere the game to bamboo and ivory tiles was a result of the wind blowing the cards around;
The curious spelling (with two gs Mah Jongg ) appears to be a result of Joseph Babcock's introduction of the game into the US in 1919, the name being the trade name that he coined;
I am reliably told that the game was introduced into San Francisco in 1922 (thanks to "Papa Razzi" for this piece of information);
There seems to be as many ways of scoring the game as there are people who play it;
The Japanese version doesn't use the Seasons or Flowers. This is the version that The Real Mah Jong uses, it is slightly easier to play - adding these cards back into the real game is quite simple as all you need to do is put the card to one side, as you would with a four of a kind, and at the end of the game, add points and double according to the set of scoring rules that you are playing to; and,
The American version of the game is nothing like anyone else's. There are many special hands and it is the opinion of many that the elegance of the game, in terms of its simplicity and accessibility, has been given up for over complicated and esoteric rules.
If anyone else has any interesting facts, myths or legends about the game (not pages of quirky American hands), I would be interested to hear of them - just e-mail me with them and I will include any suitable ones on this page.

Once you have downloaded the Mah Jong program, have a look at some of the other sites on the Internet that deal with the real game of Mah Jong using the links below.


The Real Mah Jong is VERY ADICTIVE simulation of the real game of Mah Jong. The author can accept no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of using or misusing the files provided.

Introduction The Program About Mah Jong Rules Scoring
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