Water Rocketry - Aerial Photography

Pictures from the Mk I camera

The Sun (bearing of 140)  
Willington Power Station with a trail of steam running left (bearing of 238)   
Goal posts in left hand picture below (bearing of 280)  
360 view of launch site one - composite of ten photos.

The following pictures were taken from the 6 litre rocket.

Goal posts and a view over the central hill
towards the second launch site
with Sinfin in the distance.

View, very slightly to the right of the one on the left
and from a little higher up. The Large warehouses,
the TA and some other industrialised areas are in the
distance just in front of the (hidden) Derby to
Birmingham Intercity railway line.

Approx 250 view of launch site two, looking north - composite of seven photos.

The following pictures were taken from a 2 litre rocket.

View, northwards, towards the trees that
the rocket almost ended up in.

View, southwards, (note the position of the sun).
With more sky than ground, and the fields being so flat,
it is difficult to make anything out in this one.
Clouds look nice though.

Generally speaking, although they give a different perspective on water rocketry, I was not happy with the quality of the photographs with regard to blurring (although the camera gave good results hand-held - the panoramic views were taken with the same camera). The Mark II Aerial Camera will be different.

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