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WRCM HTML Help Pages in English
WRCM HTML Help Pages in Chinese

For details on running the Water Rocket Computer Model program, you can download a complete set of thity three, self-contained 21,500 word HTML-based help pages with screenshots and so on. The pages cover all of the input parameters, giving tables of alternative values where appropriate, and how to use the various features of the model such as three dimensional optimisation and 2 stage rocket optimisation including dart optimisations.

The help pages are in the form of a single ZIP file which you download and expand into a subdirectory on your own computer. Once you have done this, the pages are completely self contained and you do not need to have a live link to the Internet to use them. All you need to do is to create a shortcut to one of the pages in the normal way - usually the default page - and then you can either leave that on your desktop or put it in the Start menu.

The screen shots on the right show the model running with the help pages in the background. Being HTML, you can look at them with your own browser and print them out for your own use. Although there are thirty three pages, these extend downwards like all HTML pages and if you print them out, you will find that they extend beyond thirty three sheets of paper.

Note that versions 4.41, 4.40 and 4.31 of the water rocket computer model are compatible in every respect with the help pages for version 4.30.

To download the WRHTML Help Pages
in English wrhelp44.zip (~ 618 kbytes), WRCM version 4.30
in Chinese Big5 wrhelp86.zip (~ 621 kbytes), WRCM version 4.30
in Chinese GB 2312 wrhelp85.zip (~ 623 kbytes), WRCM version 4.30
in Portuguese wrhelp55.zip (~ 617 kbytes) WRCM version 4.30, or
in Spanish wrhelp34.zip (~ 623 kbytes), WRCM version 4.30
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View the HTML Help Pages (English version) online without downloading all of them first (okay if you just have one focus of interest but if you are going to look at all of it, I recommend that you download the Zip file instead).

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