1 litre 'Egglofter' Pictures

These are photographs taken on a recent expedition to the park (Sinfin Moor Park in Derby in the UK to be precise)

The launcher with the two 'Egglofter' shaped rockets on the right.

The launcher's release string is a nylon or polyester string that extends 20 or so metres off to the right.

In addition to this, we also carried around 7 litres of water - some of which had dye in it so that we could see just how far it went up into the air on take-off.

Pumping up the pressure. Note the waterproof jacket and the foot on the release string with a good yard or so of slack - the first time I did this, the kids thought that it would be a good idea to release the rocket before I had finisherd pumping.

All of the pockets are zipped up, the velcro is tight on the storm cuffs, the hood is done up tightly, and so on. Taking this type of precation means that you stand a better chance of keeping dry - never a bad thing.

In this photograph, you can clearly see the shape of the plastic fins. They are taped around the edge with gaffer tape with the fold in the plastic on the leading edge.

The water has a dye in it to make it easier to see on photographs.

The ground crew pulling gently on the release string. It does not require much force to pull it.

This is typical of many launch photographs - a blur where the rocket is (it is traveling at nearly 90 mph at this point).

The photograph on the left has been processed digitaly using an edge detect function to show (in the right half) where the rocket is.

This photograph has motion blur in it caused by the photographer (me) moving the camera in order to attempt to keep the rocket in the frame. As a result of this, both the rocket and the ground are blurred.

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