Water Rocket Computer Model Problems

Answer to problem 4

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I asked for an explanation for the following . . .
1. to find an explanation for the curiously shaped lines.

The lines are, like in problem 3, due to a large post-thrust integration time-slice. However, there is no real maximum in this pictureand the slope of the ramps in part A is opposite to that in part B. The reason for the inversion of orientation of the ramps is probably due to the fact that the maximum is above and to the right of the letter A on the diagram and at the lint drawn across the middle of the plot, the lines run towards the maximum.

The reason for the not being a real maximum is because the time limit on the model is set to a time that is significantly shorter than the time of the flight. Short time limits are useful for examining the early stages of flight but they can cause some curious results in inappropriate output variables such as this one.

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