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This is an example of how to write the characters on the sheet below. If you make a mistake, just cross it out and have another go. If you are not too sure about just how some characters should be set, I can tidy them up for you. If your lines are a little wobbly like in the example on the right, which is from an actual scan and not from the font, I will straighten them out. Wobbles are best seen in the straight, vertical portions of the letters, which are the hardest parts to draw. I will also make the characters the same weight (line thickness) as the rest of the font so don't worry about having exactly the same thickness of pen as in the examples on the right.
  • The top dashed line (Caps Topline) is the line that the capital letters go up to (as in the "F" example).
  • The next dashed line (Ascenders) is the line that the ascenders of lower case letters go to (as in the "k" example).
  • The next dashed line (Midline) forms a neat place at which the tops of letters such as "m", "n", "o" and so on go up to (as in the loop of the "k" and the top of the main part of the "j"). Also note that the bar in the "F" is at this height.
  • The solid line is the Baseline of the font. This is where flat bottomed capitals and lower case characters end. Note that round bottomed shapes go slightly below this line (such as "C" and "O") in the same what that they go slightly above the Caps Topline. This gives a balanced look to the font. I can place these characters for you.
  • The bottom dashed line (Descenders) is how far down the bottom part of lower case letters go, such as the "j" in the example.

Once you have filled in this sheet, make a copy of it and send it in with the order. If you are sending in several orders (if you have an Infants and Juniors in the same order for example), staple the extra character sheets to the appropriate orders.

Main Fonts Page Information Order Form Extra Characters
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