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Selected Stills from the Mk II Video Camera

I did two launches - one from launch site one (for the MkI camera) and one from the other side of the hill. The days started off with around 50% cloud cover. At 10:30, it was only slightly breezy but by 11:10 the wind had picked up and the second fligh wasn't nearly so good.

Launch 1 - 10:30am BST - Click here to see the video in Real Media (100,786 bytes)
The golf course.
Rolls Royce
The central hill
Chute opening - you can see that I used a parafoil chute for these
Launch 2 - 11:10am BST - Click here to see the video in Real Media (100,479 bytes)
I forgot to press the shutter release just before I let the rocket go but fortunately, I had already set it to continuous ("Ct") and it was within the four seconds.

The fact that this video exists shows that there is enough acceleration to make the little plastic button that starts the thing off, weigh enough to push it down.

That's me with my bike and rucksack.
Chute opening again.

This flight had quite a bit of wind which caused it to have a short duration (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) so the end of the video clip shows the shadow of the chute and then the rocket hitting the ground.

This was quite good and as far as I know, a first. The quality was okay although I used a video computer program to correct the balance for each frame (come on, it is a device that is designed to sit on top of your monitor indoors that has been adapted to take pictures out of doors, it is not meant to experience accelerations of around 100G and spin around several times a second at 150 feet above ground level, experiencing bright sky and darker ground, correcting instantly and perfectly with each frame).

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