Lift off Silver 2 Litre Rocket

These are photographs taken of the first launches of the Silver 2 litre rocket. As you can see, it looks more like a rocket and prompted people to ask what it was made from.

This is it held by today's ground crew.

The Nerf shooter at his feet was for him to shoot into the air at the rocket and chute as it came down, not to fire at it at close range as it touched down which is what he did.

The nose is held on at this point with tape.

On the launcher. You can just about make out the air line and release string coming from the launcher. The release string goes though the dog skewer which it is also possible to make out. The sun was quite low at this time, casting long shadows and giving a warm glow to the sunlit side of the rocket.

You can see the size of the field that we use to launch these rockets. It is actually a grass arena with around 7 football (UK soccer) pitches arranged in an arc with grass hills in the middle for people to sit on (see the aerial photography pictures to get a better impression of the field).

This is the rocket around halfway through its decent. A clean parachute deployment.

Note that the PTFE sheet stays nicely inside by taping it in place. This is important if you are being judged on separate parts in the air such as in a Science Olympiad.

Yes, it was a blue sky again - this time it was close to sunset.

Fourier transform of sound file

Click here to hear a sound file of a launch of this rocket [Real Media].

The Fourier Transform (spectrum analysis) on the left is a plot of amplitude (colour) against frequency (vertical axis) and time (horizontal axis).

As you play the sound file, you will be able to hear the parts as you see them.

The spectrum analysis was performed using Wave Tracer Version 3.2
5 - Five    4 - Four    3 - Three    2 - Two    1 - One    0 - Blastoff    R - Release    W - Water hitting the grass    A - That's a good one. B - Take a picture. C - That's still way-up in the air. D - Got caught in an up-draught.

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