Onion Bhaji
भजी - ਭਜੀ - ભજી

Deep-fried spicy battered onion.

Onion bhaji mix, ready to fry
Onion bhaji mix,
ready to fry


Chop the onions and chillies and put them in a plastic mixing bowl.

Chop the coriander leaf and add that.

Add the turmeric powder, coriander powder, jeera and then the besan.

Mix together so that all of the vegetables are coated in the powder mix.

Add the lemon juice and then sufficient water to make a stiff batter.

Onion bhaji frying in sunflower oil
Onion bhaji frying
in sunflower oil
Leave it for 10 minutes and then, if it has become too runny, add a little more besan and stir it in.

Heat the oil in a deep oil fryer up to 160-165 Celsius.

Using a fork, form small - golf-ball-sized - lumps of the batter/veg mix and lower them into the oil.

Fry them until they are golden brown.

Onion bhajis ready to eat
Onion bhajis ready to eat
Once they are ready, drain them and put them on some kitchen towel.

You can eat them whilst they are hot (but not too hot) or cold.

Regarding the temperature, at around 160C or so, the temperature is low enough for the heat to cook the onion on the inside of the bhaji without browning the outside too quickly.

If the temperature was higher, the outside would brown quicker but the inside would not be as well cooked.

You can use a higher temperature and reduce the cooking time if you pre-cook the onion and any other vegetables and in that way, all you have to do is to cook the besan before the outside of the bhaji goes too brown.


Add anything that you like:

  • Red pepper;
  • potato and so on

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