Versions of 'Thought'

From time to time, I will make several versions of a painting for various reasons - one needed in a different room; a different size or aspect ratio; one is being sold or a gift... - but I painted them all so here they are. - Click here to go to the paintings stats page.

Thought. The strict order of the Mondrian is digested by the insanity of the Kandinsky. Copyright (c)2015 Paul Alan Grosse
The original 40"x30" (102x76cm) painting.

A smaller version of 'Thought' needed for another room - Mondrianesque painting in the style of Kandinski. Copyright (c)2015 Paul Alan Grosse
A smaller variant painted for a themed room - 12"x16" (30x41cm).
Note that the orientation of this one is protrait whereas the original is landscape, leading to some interesting variations in the layout. An additional variation is that this one has a gold leaf square (the original has an orange - Cadmium Selenosulphide/Cadmium Selenosulphite rectangle) and the 'red blobs' have gold leaf at their centres instead of black

A stereoscopic diptych version of 'Thought'. Copyright (c)2017 Paul Alan Grosse
A steroscopic diptych version of 'Thought' - 2x 24"x36" (61x91cm).
To make a stereogram become three dimensional, cross your eyes so that the resultant image that your brain sews together overlaps so that the features within the painting coincide. In other words, cross your eyes so some feature - say the gold leaf centred eyes - merge as one and you will see the image in three dimensions.
This paricular version uses various pigments, materials and methods from 15th century Dutch art - gold leaf, verdigris, rose madder, minium, lead white - with glazes of various colours in order to attain the required level of depth of colour in the painting. Unfortunately, the painting pushes the sensor and the data manipulation algorithms in the camera beyond their design specifications with the result that the photographs don't do it justice, although it still looks good.

All images and original artwork Copyright ©2015 Paul Alan Grosse.